Wednesday, April 11, 2012

G-Day is Saturday

There are three things I am looking for on Saturday.

  1. What the rotation at LB and DB will be. With the issues in the defensive backfield, especially for the first two (and maybe longer) games, how will Grantham work in the LBs and those guys that can take a couple of steps back into safety or other nickel back types of schemes.
  2. What running back or backs will stand out in protecting the QBs? The one sure advantage Crowell has over any other running back vying for the staring job is a full year hearing about how his blocking has to improve. Will it?
  3. Will any receiver impress? This kind of ties into number 1 in that Mitchell's utilization on defense is likely to take something away from his duties at WR. Will we see any combination of Conley, Scott-Wesley, or Wyatt really step up? Same goes for watching Rome and Artie Lynch at TE.
I'm making no prediction on the offense vs. defense or anything like that. If GDay has taught us anything, don't expect a whole lot of slinging it up and down the field. For that matter, just keeping the defense from metaphorically killing the QB with the new look offensive line will be a surprise now that I think about it.

Hope to see you there Saturday.

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