Sunday, March 4, 2012

The SEC Schedule and South Carolina's Change

Two tidbits that came out yesterday about the SEC football schedule in 2013 and beyond. First, South Carolina will likely change permanent rivals. They will pick up Texas A&M and drop Arkansas. As Josh Kendall mentioned, Arkansas ended the Gamecock's hopes of an SEC East repeat. Interestingly, South Carolina's AD didn't want the AD group to make a decision until he could poll his fans.

76% voted to play Texas A&M yearly and to drop Arkansas. I guess the South Carolina fans that voted against the change are the ones that complained loudly about playing Georgia any other time than the first weekend in September. Doesn't changing your permanent cross division rival count as at least as big a change as what date a game is played?

The other thing is the delicious combination of the SEC's two most deliriously self-important fan bases. I can't wait to hear the combo hype of Gamecock and Aggie fans, especially if they do play this game the first weekend of the conference slate.  Oh Gods of TV, please let this replace Tennessee-Florida as the opening game of the CBS schedule.


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