Sunday, May 20, 2012

At Least We Made the SEC Tournament

While Georgia Baseball was a 'half game or so' out of fifth or sixth place, being eighth seed isn't a good place to be.  Basically, they'll have to beat Vanderbilt, the Vanderbilt that nearly ended with a losing season record, but is now seeded fifth due to a strong late season run that began with two late game wins over Georgia in late March, then South Carolina, then Florida just to have a shot of getting to the NCAA regional this year.

I'll submit this with out any comment other than to say we can still do it.  We've played good enough against all of the teams in the conference that anything can go down. We've also played poorly enough that we could lose to Vandy and Auburn and be done by Wednesday afternoon.

Either way, we still have to win at lest three games in a row to feel comfortable about making the tournament.


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