Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It Must Have Been Tuesday in Hoover

So the Diamond Dawgs must have lost their opening round SEC tournament game. Dawgs lose opening to Vandy 4-1.  I'd love to say there is one reason for it, but other than one stretch in the third inning, the Dawgs did all they had to defensively to win.  Offensively, Vandy got the same number of hits, but scored three more runs.  Pretty much a microcosm of the season: Play good, but not great, and lose to a team they played evenly with.

Now, the Dawgs find themselves in exactly the same situation as last season, having lost to Vandy in the Tuesday game and needing to play deep into the weekend to play next week. Going into the SEC tourney, Georgia needed to win a couple last year to not have to sweat too much on selection day.  I still think a win over South Carolina and a win over Florida will probably get the Dawgs in, just like last year.  Both of those programs were very good last year.  Both are very good this year. If it is Vandy and one of those other teams we beat to play until Saturday, I don't know.  Being one or two games over .500 and making the NCAA regionals requires pretty strong late season statement wins. Beating Vandy won't fill that requirement.

By no means is it a lost cause. Unless we start getting hits when we need to, however, this season will end in Hoover instead of in an exciting regional final somewhere.


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