Sunday, May 20, 2012

Keep Your Enemies Closer

One thing I lost in all the kerfuffle about the SEC/Big12 champions bowl is an increased likelihood the two will play some cross conference games to bolster in season schedule strength. It only seems to reason that with increased pressure to get teams in the playoff or whatever that both conferences have something to be gained from adding a marquee match up or three across the conferences.

If money is going to be the primary driver in this deal, then getting A&M-Texas back or a yearly rotation of Oklahoma/Okie State/West Virginia vs. LSU/Alabama/Georgia or whatnot isn't out of the realm of possibilities. While this is countering Jim Delany's Pac1X alliance with the same move, it works due to the current place the SEC and Big12 are in among the college football firmament.

I know there are folks panicking about the possibility of another tough football game on the schedule. I, for one, welcome it. As a fan, I get much more excited about playing top tier teams than I do MAC Southern Conference teams.


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