Wednesday, September 28, 2011

2010: We were in a bad place

I've hinted around at this for long enough, so hear goes...Without naming names, it is clear enough now that the whole 'team cancers' meme from last year wasn't some excuse machine?

Looking at the quotes from guys about the team bus after the Mississippi State game, it isn't hard to read between the lines about the actual tenor the discussions in the locker room and on the bus.
"We were just in a bad place."
Yeah.  No doubt.  I do have to wonder, is guys leaving because they realize there isn't playing time for them a sign that you will have to compete now, instead of getting deeded playing time due to longevity?

It is hard to say this, but I'm not disappointed with guys leaving the team.  Oh, I'm disappointed on an individual level for each player not finding what they want at Georgia, but looking at who has left and their reasons for leaving on whole, I'm not disappointed.  I felt the same way about Nate Hybl (I realize it was a different situation):  If you don't want to play here, work to beat out someone, and help the team if you don't, leave.  Especially if you are creating team chemistry issues.  Hey, I get it if you want to go somewhere else that you might have more playing time.  I understand that.  But it is also a sign of ME-team thinking, regardless of how it is couched.

One final thought, I am ok with the level of secrecy the coaches have about guys playing or not playing.  I'm hoping it is part of the trade off:  Play your asses off, work as a team and compete; we as coaches will do whatever we can to protect you and your reputation in the press and blogosphere. I applaud that.


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