Tuesday, September 20, 2011

SEC Quarter Season Review

A quick look at each team and how their seasons are going.

Alabama - Yawn. Alabama keeps winning with defense and a nine fingered sock puppet as QB.  This team is what Spurrier wishes South Carolina could be: Strong running game coupled with safe QB play and a stout defense.
Arkansas - Rolling up the offense, but sure did make Troy's offense look good.  The only bonus for them is that the two better teams in the division are defensive minded teams.
Auburn - I'll take bags of poo on fire for $1000, Alex.  A: Auburn's Defense
LSU - By arresting victory, we set in motion bales of time that eventually results in a continuum of lack of losses.  Douglas Adams said that.
Mississippi - David Cutcliffe quietly pushes another pin into his Pete Boone voodoo doll.  All the grass on The Grove dies.  Alumni take ad demanding firing of Rebel Bear.
Mississippi State - That winning thing is harder than it looks when you don't have but one option on offense.
LSU and Alabama are still the teams to beat in the West.  And the conference.  And the nation.  Go ahead and write down November 5 at 3:30 as the kickoff of the game of the week of the decade this century.  

Florida - Looked good against Tennessee.  Back to back games against 'Bama and in Baton Rouge loom.
Georgia - Good news, the Dawgs have faced two of their four toughest games.  Bad news, Dawgs still have to beat Florida to win SEC East.  Ugly news, only 30 teams have more yards rushing on the season than Georgia Tech did against Kansas, and Georgia isn't exactly stopping the run well.
Kentucky - Kentucky is setting offense back 70 years, yet are 2-1.  The world makes no sense to me.
South Carolina - South Carolina will need turnovers to keep winning.  Good running game, coupled with 5 fingered sock puppet senior QB equals someone eventually stopping said running game and crushing the Gamecocks.  More than once.
Tennessee - Losing Justin Hunter just caused this season to go from one of promise to one of 'we hope we don't lose to Vandy.'
Vanderbilt - Vandy won't keep getting turnovers to help them win.  They will go to a bowl this season.
Paul Westerdawg was right calling this a kingdom of blind men.  South Carolina and Florida currently have legs up with wins in the division, but they have brutal conference schedules in front of them.  Georgia is playing better, but you know somewhere, there will be another UCF/Colorado style meltdown that will cause them to lose a game they shouldn't.  Tennessee is young and has shown it consistently; the bonus is they have to play the rest of the season without the Braymaker Justin Hunter.  Vandy is playing very well, but until they face a bit better competition, it is hard to say much about them.


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