Thursday, September 22, 2011

South Carolina's Offensive Coordinator is Hardheaded, too

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You know, we in these parts make our thoughts on Coach Bobo's intractability when it comes to utilizing the players he has, as opposed to molding those players to his philosophy. In my mind, that is one of the most maddening parts of being a Georgia fan right now, the insistence on running the same plays we ran with Musa Smith in 2002 with Carlton Thomas in 2011.  Just nutty. 

However, this quote:
"We don't go into the game thinking [Marcus Lattimore is] going to run 35 or 40 times. But when things start happening in the passing game, you wonder, 'Why in the world are those guys trying to pass?' So you end up running, running, running trying to win the game." - South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier
Really illustrates how old dogs and new tricks just never get familiar.  Hell, even I could game plan for South Carolina:
  • Lattimore touches the ball on hand offs and toss sweeps 30+ times.
  • Jeffrey is thrown to deep on the first opportunity after a long first down run by Lattimore.
  • Lattimore is thrown to at least 5 times a game: two swing passes, one underneath screen, two RB screens.  This is my play of choice on any 2nd and less than 4, plus 3rd and 7 to 3rd and 15.
  • Jeffrey gets at least 10 looks, all in patterns that don't require the QB to throw the ball in a seam or to a location (in other words, fly patterns, deep outs and short fades that allow Jeffrey to use his size to get separation. 
  • Lattimore is the safety outlet on any pass play. Lattimore on a quick three step and cut is my hot route call.
  • Garcia has to drink a cement mixer shot for every jump ball he throws, preferably on the sideline.
It is really simple to me.  Now, I know Spurrier knows way more than I do, but it isn't clear he knows more about game planning around your strengths than anyone else.


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