Sunday, September 18, 2011

Coast Carolina Review

Mitchell with the catch (Image: Hipple)
I'm not going to break down in my typical fashion, since about the only bad or ugly thing I can find are the infernal holding penalties (admittedly mostly committed by young guys that got playing time).

Hey, I wanted Crowell to get 100 yards in the first half.  He got close, but had to settle for 86 on the day after dinging up his ribs again.  Murray hit five in a row to start the game.  He only really telescoped one pass all day.  The defense played well against an over matched offensive line.  We didn't get any sacks, but we had 9 tackles for loss.  We spread the passing around.  We got young guys reps.  We shut them out.

Hey, if you need to find places to complain about something, go for it.  I just can't find it this week.


PS. I meant to include something about Rambo's return and fumble.  He probably should/could have gone down, but if he had, I might have found a reason to gripe about that.

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