Thursday, January 12, 2012

Final Thoughts on the BCS Championship Game

Random stuff that went through my mind during and following the BCS National Championship Game:
  • Alabama is the better coached team. No wonder LSU fans are still mad at Saban leaving Baton Rouge.
  • I thought using the height difference between the Alabama receivers and the one LSU corner back that got thrown at a bunch was genius. It takes a lot of 'want to' to over come a seven inch height difference regardless of your moniker.
  • I am convinced Alabama's defense is the best in the country in 40 years. Give props to Smart/Saban for coaching them up, but even Ted Roof could have coached that bunch up. There are no less than seven likely future NFL starters in that group. 
  • There is some poetic justice to the number of FGs attempted (and made!) in the game, considering the number missed in the first match-up.
  • Also, if Oklahoma State fans want to be mad, be mad at Alabama's kickers for missing all those kicks in the first game. They hit one of them in regulation and the Cowboys play Alabama in New Orleans Monday night.
  • Any chance Bobby Hebert is East Bank BJ on the Tigger Droppings Board?
  • You think this win might get Saban a bigger statue?
Finally, is it April yet? I already miss football.

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