Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Send me some of that cas$ Nicholas. (Image: Hipple)
I'll leave discussion of parallels between the SECCG and the BCSCG and how things could have gone differently for Georgia to Blutarsky (and believe me, Nick Saban should send the number to his hair guy and part of his bonus check to Mark Richt for Georgia's first half game plan against LSU), but I have to question the LSU fan's thinking that putting Jarrett Lee in would have made things different. I'll buy the argument that he couldn't have done worse, but honestly does putting him in and having him do the same make it acceptable to do so?

I point this out to ask this question: If Lee hasn't supplanted Jefferson before the 3rd quarter of the national championship game, is merely standing on the sideline not facing Alabama's defense the thing that convinces you that he is ready to supplant the guy that has gotten you to that point? If he didn't win the job while he has had the chance to do so, I don't see how merely being available makes him suddenly The Answer.

To put it another way, is there anything about Hutson Mason standing on the sideline not facing SEC defenses that makes you think he should take Aaron Murray's place on the field in Georgia games?


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