Thursday, January 5, 2012

McGarity on the Football Program

As fans, we spend a lot of time trying to get into the minds of those that are in charge of the football program. We agonize over why Richt did this or why Bobo called that play or why we are playing a soft zone and only rushing four.

One thing I am not wondering about this morning? Greg McGarity's thoughts on what we need to fix in the off season. I agree with Blutarsky's point that no amount of fretting over philosophy will change who Mark Richt is, nor will the person making the decisions about Richt's future and use of that philosophy make a change directly because of it. McGarity doesn't think the problem is philosophy. He knows the problem is approach and preparation.

From McGarity:
McGarity also urged fans upset over the Bulldogs’ 33-30, triple-overtime loss to the Spartans in triple overtime to keep the defeat in perspective. 
“Blair Walsh kicks a 42-yard field goal and we’re sitting here feeling great about ourselves,” McGarity said. “But would we have solved our running game problem? No. Would that have solved them being able to go on an 85-yard drive with no timeouts? No. So, I mean, the dynamics haven’t changed. It’s not going to matter diddly-squat when we start lifting weights in three weeks. If anything it’ll add more incentive for next year.”
I don't believe he thinks the issue is philosophy. I don't believe he thinks the issues are the individual running backs or individual blockers. I believe he thinks the issue is the ability of the coaches to put the players we have in a position to succeed, either by preparation, play calling or scheme (yes, I realize philosophy is reflected in at least two of those things; but I am talking about doing so successfully within the philosophy). At least two of those were suspect in three of the four losses. We saw the defense have issues with those things for first time in several games during the last two minutes of the game on Monday.

Greg McGarity said the right things to Coach Richt when he was hired. I believe he'll keep doing and saying the right things in the future. McGarity isn't telling Richt to be a different coach, to take more chances and be more Lesticles like. He is telling him that his program has to be able to do the things it takes to win games using the conservative game management approach, such as run the ball successfully and stop an opponent who has 85 yards to go with under two minutes to play.

We as fans might find that to be maddening, but it is what it is.


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