Tuesday, January 24, 2012

SEC Hoops Power Poll Ballot - Week of January 22nd

Another week of games, another week of parity in the middle of the conference.

  1. Kentucky - Kentucky will lose a conference game this season. It won't happen this week with trips to Georgia and LSU.
  2. Vandy - I am not sure how they lost at home to Mississippi State, but I am sure Stallings will figure a way to right the ship until the second game of the NCAA tournament.
  3. Florida - With a trip to Oxford this week, we get to see if Florida's success is a product of the schedule to this point.
  4. Mississippi State - The win at Vandy is a sign the Bulldogs are still relevant in the best of the rest discussion. Of course, there are four other teams that can say the same thing.
  5. Alabama - It is hard to fault the Tide for a down week with three top 40 RPI teams on the schedule. Unfortunately, it does mean the have to be moved down with how closely matched the teams are.
  6. Ole Miss - Col. Akbar's Bears better learn to close the deal or they will be a top seed in the NIT.
  7. Arkansas - Youth was on display both with the good (a strong statement win over a tough Michigan team) and the bad (losing their will to live in a way worse than 20 point loss at Kentucky) this week.
  8. LSU - Seriously, you could flip a coin on 8th. Georgia, Tennessee, and LSU are all that close right now. I went straight with RPI on these three.
  9. Georgia - Too bad the Dawgs can't play the intensity they showed in the last 2 minutes against Mississippi for a full game. Since they don't, they find themselves in the bottom of the conference.
  10. Tennessee - Dear Cuozno, that Stokes guy is good.
  11. Auburn - Could have ranked them 8th, but conventional wisdom says they will revert to the team that only scored 35 points against Vandy.
  12. South Carolina - How did they win 8 games? It's a miracle.

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