Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fox's Hounds Take on Gators at 4pm

Florida is the second best team in the conference. We are the second worst. Should be a blow out, right?

One important thing, Florida lost their best inside defender when Will Yuguete broke a bone in his foot half way through the second half in Florida's blow out win over Auburn. What does that mean for Georgia? The Gators will be trying out a new line up, likely going with a 4 guard look during long stretches of the game. The Gators size and physicality advantage down low will be negated. They will rely on zone defenses to help keep the size differences, especially down low, out of play.

What we need are big games from KCP and/or Gerald. We also need some combination of Marcus and Neme to go off on the boards. If Neme has his pull up J going early, the Gators will be forced figure out how to stop him, especially if KCP is hot from outside or Gerald is getting penetration looks.

If we come out and are lackadaisical, they'll mop the floor with us.


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