Tuesday, February 21, 2012

SEC Hoops Power Poll Ballot - Week of February 19th

  1. Kentucky - A conference loss might help the Wildcats, or their coach, going into the NCAAs.
  2. Florida - Are we to the point of buying Florida's ability to make a tourney run? At least they won't face the Vols there.
  3. Vanderbilt - Kevin Stallings re-ups his hair club for men subscription after getting the road monkey off his back this week.
  4. Alabama - Not sure why, but I think the suspensions might actually help Grant's team.
  5. Mississippi State - I have them too high, but no one below them has me convinced they are better.
  6. Mississippi - Did not compete, at all, last week. Seriously, did they send anyone to those games?
  7. LSU - Might go 10-6, might go 8-8, might go 6-10. Hard to tell with this group.
  8. Tennessee - They might be the best .500 team in the nation.
  9. Arkansas - I've got nothing, much like Arkansas does on the road.
  10. Auburn - Auburn might actually make the NIT, which is change I can believe in.
  11. Georgia - Youth + no inside offense=SEC fail.
  12. South Carolina - I know they beat Georgia. I know they beat Georgia. I know they beat Georgia. They are still worse. (See RPI, bad losses, no good wins).
I took all the 6-6 teams and went straight by the RPI. I am sure I saved plenty of brain cells and my reasoning is as sound as any. Also, I know South Carolina beat Georgia. I just couldn't find myself putting Georgia back at the bottom (I did so two weeks ago), considering the body of work between the two. I had Georgia last until I looked at the RPI and the wins vs. losses.


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