Monday, February 13, 2012

SEC Hoops Power Poll Ballot - Week of February 12th

Honestly, I don't know how to do this anymore. Beside clearly moving Georgia up from the bottom and leaving Kentucky at the top, it is a very jumbled group.

  1. Kentucky - It is hard to imagine this team losing a contest in the league now.
  2. Vandy - Second by default after the turds Florida and Mississippi State laid this week.
  3. Florida - Glad to see the Curse of Pearl lives on, at least for the Gators.
  4. Mississippi State - Sidney showed he is the biggest drama queen not on reality TV and lost the Georgia game for State, but luckily Bama lost to LSU, so they are still 4th.
  5. Alabama - Really didn't want to put them this high, and I expect them to fall with the suspensions, but the others just keep doing enough to stay below them.
  6. Mississippi - Just don't see the Rebels doing anything more to make it into the NCAA tournament.
  7. Arkansas - 40 minutes of hell, my ass.
  8. LSU - Nice little season the Tigers are putting together. It isn't a stretch to say they are the feel good story of the conference.
  9. Tennessee - Vols always seem ready to face the Gators. Too bad they don't play Florida every game.
  10. Georgia - First winning streak of the conference slate for the Bulldogs. Can they keep the rebounding up enough to make a post season run?
  11. Auburn - Auburn is back to being Auburn after putting up big offensive numbers for a couple of games.
  12. South Carolina - The Gamecocks are literally hoping for a first round loss in the SEC tournament so they can get back to Columbia for the Princeton baseball games.\

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