Tuesday, February 28, 2012

SEC Hoops Power Poll Ballot - Week of February 26th

Interesting week.
  1. Kentucky - The Cats are looking stronger and stronger. Anything short of losing in the championship of the SEC tourney before the Final Four will be a huge downer for Kentucky.
  2. Vandy - Probably could put them 3rd, but until Florida shows improvement in their new line up, Vandy is better.
  3. Florida - Not sure what the new lineup will do after playing together a few games, but they have some work to do to get back to where it was.
  4. Alabama - Quite a turnaround from two weeks ago. Three straight wins and now we are looking at a solid lock for the NCAA tournament.
  5. Tennessee - Not sure how, but the Vols are threatening to make the NCAA tournament.
  6. Mississippi State - No truth to the rumor that Houston Nutt will succeed Stansbury as the basketball coach.
  7. Ole Miss - Is there a worse 16-12 team in the nation?
  8. LSU - Five wins in a row go out the window with that flaming pile of poo they left on the floor in Oxford.
  9. Arkansas - I was prepared to put them 10th until they pulled out the road win at Auburn.
  10. Georgia - Huge win for the Dawgs over Florida, but it just illustrates the maddening inconsistency with which this team plays.
  11. Auburn - Hey, I heard Cam Newton was in town last week. At least they've got that.
  12. South Carolina - Yay! It is baseball season!

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