Sunday, February 26, 2012

Georgia takes Florida Behind the Woodshed

After a long night celebrating the pwning Georgia put on Florida, I have arrived bask in the rightness of calling the shot. I had a feeling that this game would be a tough one for Florida, as they have shown a propensity for let downs (see both losses to Tennessee).  I also knew Georgia had to have a good day and play smart basketball. They did.

Yesterday, we saw the Georgia team that we'd hope we would see all season. Tough under the basket on both ends. Not afraid to get physical with the other team. Taking smart shots instead of aimlessly dribbling around or engaging in the halfassed passing offense until there are 10 seconds on the shot clock. KCP and Gerald had strong games. Ware had a huge game, too.

Also, mad props to the crowd. There were a lot of Gator fans in The Steg. At one point they started chanting some non-sense. Georgia fans drowned them out...and never got quiet after that. It was a good day. A very good day.


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