Monday, December 5, 2011

3 Questions Answered: LSU

Well, yeah, you see, what it was was, yeah.
  1. Will our coaches coach like they need the win? For a half, they did. The on sides kick was pure evil Richt genius. Bobo had the defense on their heels. Grantham's D looked like they had the playbook. Then half time came, and Bobo got scared, Grantham's D looked like he didn't think they would actually run the ball. We kicked to the Honey Badger. Just an increadible turn of events. Some certainly can be attributed the the level of talent and coaching on the other side of the field. Some has to be attributed to Georgia's coaches getting out adjusted at the half. 
  2. Can we run the ball? "I don't want to talk about the running backs." Me either coach.
  3. Can the defense stand toe to toe with them? Well, we held them to less than 20 yards in the first half. They only gained 237 total, so they had an average 2nd half.  Still, the defense got gashed on the rush in the second half.  Not sure if (or maybe 'why') Jefferson needed to pass in the second half.  Talent wise, we are very close to them, especially in our starting 14 or 15 rotation. We are a progressing towards LSU in execution and coaching.  We are not there yet.  
Give LSU their due. They won the line of scrimmage in the second half and put points on the board when we no longer could. That is the mark of a great football team.

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