Thursday, December 8, 2011

College Pick'em - Tie Breaker Coming

Well, we've picked 162 games and it comes down to a tie with one game left.  RichtFlair and uganewt will pick the Army-Navy game for the tie breaker, each pulling in 866 points on the season. I'll publish their picks tomorrow morning.

Hobnail_Boot, who has been at the top of the list for the past seven weeks ended up in third, one point back. Props go out to UGASmitty for getting the most correct picks (128). However, his selections only got him 863 points, good enough for 4th place.   Hunkering Hank, Updyke Tree Service, papadoc19, LuckyGuess, and ChiliDawg rounded out the top ten.

For the Commissioner's Award (something I totally just made up), I ended up smoking Quinton and PWD and ended up in the top 63...

Thanks to everyone who participated. I'll set up the bowl pick'em in the next couple of days.

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