Saturday, December 3, 2011

Final Thoughts on LSU

Well, I've gotten both sides of my mind clear.  A few other thoughts rolling around in my head:
  • Playing disciplined: The Vandy game illustrated what can happen if we don't keep our heads about us. They pulled off a fake punt, got free yards on dumb penalties, and nearly won the game because they got in our kitchen. Under no circumstances can we afford to just give LSU free yardage. We have to worry about making plays instead of looking to blow someone up. If it gets personal, show them up on the field with our play, not with some out of the way late hit or stupid attempt to get in their face. You don't have to 'show them' to get respect, especially if all you have to do is point at the score board post game.
  • Getting them to play undisciplined: I don't hold out a ton of hope over this. Even with the chippiness and the level of trash talk Mathieu brings to the game, the swagger is deserved. If...IF... we can do that, they are prone to lapses. Getting 15 free yards and a first down is huge. Getting them out of their game, even more so.
  • Special special teams: No Brad Wing rolling across the Outback like Quigley. No Honeybadger returns for TDs. No one hop behind the back laterals on fake FGs. No blocked kicks allowed. Butler and Walsh kicking like the NFL is watching.
  • Lesticles and the streak ending: Think about Miles' predilection for doing stuff that makes everyone but the dude that does motorcycle jumps on New Year's Eve gasp. The fake FG against Florida. Throwing to the end zone against Auburn. Telling Michigan no. At some point, his luck has to turn. 
Finally, if the Dawgs do win today, will that make LSU just another mediocre SEC East team?


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