Saturday, December 31, 2011

And I'm Back...

Sorry for the radio silence. Been a month full of 16 hour days (seriously).

Just to catch up...
  • Welcome to the SEC. Not Mizzu or aTm. South Carolina. The closest I've come to breaking my self-imposed moratorium on writing was the eruption of outrage from Gamecock fans over the new schedules and moving Georgia/SC to October. Seriously, 'tradition' is something that is older than Britney Spears. Delicious.
  • Urbanbowl! Ok, the Urban vs. UF thing is fun, but over played. Is this what it has come to in Gatornation? Seriously, focus on not becoming the first SEC team in forever to lose to tOSU while they are playing with eligible players (Gene Smith assures us). Or you can crappants yourself in the bowl game named for your mascot. Either is fine with me.
  • Dooley. Hey, I get it. Loyalty is rewarded. Lack thereof is not. Have fun recruiting kids from more than a three hour drive from Knoxville when you can't even look them in the face and tell them they can go home if their father is dying.
  • Illinois' assistants. Some Illini assistant coaches threatened to not coach in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl (I had to look it up to make sure it was real) over a contract dispute. I'm not debating the merits of the argument, one way or another, but it sure doesn't make getting assistants to coach in Champaign any easier when you look at both sides' points.
  • Iowa State. Any argument about Oklahoma State deserving a shot at LSU went out the window at Yankee Stadium yesterday. There should be a specific rule in the BCS selection procedures that states if you lose to a team that gets dominated by the fourth place team in the Big East, you are ineligible for the BCS. That is all.
  • B1G/Pac-1X collaboration. I like it. I've long thought there should be more AQC teams playing each other and fewer Coastal Carolina's on schedules. Scott and Delaney looked at the landscape and figured they need to have more big games of national relevance to make a dent in the SEC monopoly on football. They also get more recognition for their other sports by putting them in the big venues in their footprints (ie, Ford Field, Dodger Stadium). Well played.
  • Richt to coach at (fill in the blank). Seriously?
Finally, I've had nearly three weeks to think about the running back situation and am glad I have been unplugged for this time. 

Go Dawgs!

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