Thursday, December 22, 2011

2012 UGA Football Schedule Rumors

The SEC announced today that they won't be finished with the 2012 football schedule until after Christmas. With that in mind, here's the UGA football schedule as I'm projecting based on the rumors and rumblings:
    Week 1: Buffalo (home)
    Week 2: Missouri (away)
    Week 3: Florida Atlantic (home)
    Week 4: Vanderbilt (home)
    Week 5: Tennessee (home)
    Week 6: South Carolina (away)
    Week 7: Kentucky (away)
    Week 8: BYE Week
    Week 9: Florida (Jax)
    Week 10: Alabama (home)
    Week 11: Auburn (away)
    Week 12: Georgia Southern (home)
    Week 13: Georgia Tech (home)
There's a chance we could see Bama at home in Week 8 before the Cocktail Party with the bye week after Florida, but that's not what I heard earlier this week. This is all still fluid to some degree so you could see even more changes. However, this is the latest as of yesterday's rumor mill.

The games that are either confirmed or darn close to being confirmed are Buffalo, Missouri, FAU, Georgia Southern and Georgia Tech. Given that Ole Miss appears to be playing Florida and Missouri from the SEC East next year, it looks very likely that Georgia does get home.

UPDATE: Various other media outlets are saying that UGA will play Ole Miss at home in Week 10 instead of Alabama. That would be great, but I'm struggling with the conflicting Ole Miss rumors which have them playing:
    Missouri and Vandy
    or Florida and Vandy
    or Missouri and Florida
    or UGA and Vandy
I had projected earlier this offseason that we'd get Ole Miss and Aubrn as our Western Teams. I would prefer to have been right then....than the post above.


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