Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Keith Marshall to UGA (Video)

Video from UGASports.com.

I really believe that there's nothing wrong with Isaiah Crowell that competition with a player of Keith Marshall's caliber can't fix.

Isaiah isn't the first freshman to struggle with toughness issues. Do you remember what Reggie Brown was like as a freshman? If he dropped a pass, he'd limp off the field or have to have the doctors and training staff come tote him off. Eventually, he found his toughness.

He's also not the first kid to come in with an attitude. Remember what Arnold Harrison was like in 2001 as a freshman? Getting into fights and being thrown out of games? Harrison turned into a solid leader for the program and ended up going from 1 star recruit to a spot with the Steelers for several years.

I'm thrilled to have Keith Marshall on board. His commitment is a good decision for Marshall, for UGA and for Crowell.

Having said all of that....the pressure is really on Coach Bryan McClendon. BMac did a great job of helping us secure the #1 running back in the country in consecutive years. Now, the Dawgnation eagerly awaits to see what he can make of this situation. Will his unit lead the team in arrests and shenanigans for the fourth straight year? Or will the RBs become a source of strength for the program?

What are your thoughts? What do you think is UGA's next highest priority for 2012 recruiting?


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