Sunday, December 4, 2011

Where Will Georgia Go Bowling?

No matter how the BCS Championship shakes out, LSU and Alabama are going to be BCS teams.  That leaves Arkansas, South Carolina and Georgia left for the CapitolOne, Outback and Cotton bowls. For purposes of discussion, I assume those three bowls wouldn't pick a 7-5 team over a 10 win team (and I am not sure they can by rule, now that I think about it).

The CapitolOne has first pick of SEC teams after BCS teams are off the table. Outback and Cotton pick next, working together.

Conventional wisdom has Arkansas going to Dallas for the Cotton.  There is no rule requiring a West team, but only Tennessee in 2001 and 2005 has played in the Cotton Bowl from the East since the SEC tie in started. The West just makes more sense, given proximity of fan base.

However, for that to happen, CapitolOne has to pick either Georgia or South Carolina over Arkansas. Do you think that'll happen?  I don't. It looks like the B!G rep will be Nebraska, so matching Bobby Petrino and Bo Penlini is a pretty compelling opportunity. If Michigan doesn't get a BCS bid, you can expect them to play in Orlando, by the way. There is a chance they pick Georgia, since we played in the SECC or South Carolina because they are stupid, but given the match-ups and getting a top 5-6 BCS ranked team, they'll pick Arky.

So that leaves the Outback and Cotton picking between Georgia and South Carolina. I don't have anything more than a hunch, but I think we'll go to Dallas and face Oklahoma.   If I am wrong, we'll face Michigan State (or Nebraska if they don't go to Orlando).

Where would you like us to go/see us going?

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