Sunday, November 6, 2011

3 Questions Answered: New Mexico State

This is what good teams to to over-matched opponents. 

  1. Do we get anywhere close to 100 yards rushing with traditional plays? Well, we did both.  Harton had 99 yards and Karempelis had 63.  We also threw the ball plenty. 
  2. Can we get a shut out or at least hold them to 10 or fewer points? I'll get to the 400+ yards offense later, but they scored a junk TD against the 3rd string, with the 3rd string in the softest of zone defenses.  We got close enough.
  3. Letdown? It sure felt that way through the first quarter.  Fortunately, by 4 minutes into the 2nd quarter, whatever letdown feeling there was went away.  By half time, it was a laugher.
Overall a very good game.  Some places to improve, especially defending the wheel route, but a good game.


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