Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Mexico State Review

Conley with a catch (Image:Hipple)
Took me an extra day to watch the replay.

The Good:
  • I know it was New Mexico State, but the run blocking was the best it had been all season.
  • The wide receivers.  Raise your hand if you thought they'd be a strength this season.  We might not have the talent at the top of the list we had last year, but with Conley and Bennett's development, it is safe to say we are deeper this year, especially with Mitchell healthy.
  • Working Boykin and Smith into the offense.
  • Harton and Karempelis stepping up big time.
  • Seeing what can happen when you do that.
  • Richt calling a timeout to allow another 2nd Q score.
  • Spreading the love on TDs.
  • No let downs or looking aheads.
The Bad:
  • No sacks? Really?
  • Inconsistent kickoff coverage.  It was far better than we've seen, so there is that.

The Ugly:
  • Wheel Routes. 
There isn't a whole lot more I can add.  On one hand, Saturday was a product of the competition.  On the other, this is what good teams do in games against that competition.


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