Thursday, November 3, 2011

3 Questions: New Mexico State

Less questions, more random musings:

  1. Do we get anywhere close to 100 yards rushing with traditional plays?  For my money, we simply open up the pass playbook and go to town.  I know it isn't in Richt's nature to run the score up, but New Mexico State is allowing over 32 ppg.  Their passing defense isn't terrible (mid 60's in the nation), but they don't exactly defend any one type of passing team well.  Yes, we'll run some.  Especially with a couple of the trick plays.  However, it would be a good game to get the rust off of some of the plays we've been missing on.
  2. Can we get a shut out or at least hold them to 10 or fewer points? I don't see it without the ability to run the ball.  Strong defense and time of possession are chicken and egg propositions.  But it would be very difficult to run a pass first offense and get a shut out against a pass first offense.  The one thing NMSU does well is pass the ball.  They are going to move it down the field.  Unless we really play lights out pass rush and have 4+ ints, I just don't see it.
  3. Letdown? I know, I know.  Florida was an emotional high.  We have Auburn next week.  I look for the stadium to be 75% full at kickoff.  Hopefully, the leaders on the team will step up and lead.  It is too much for me to think we'd lose, but God I hope we don't end up in a Utah State at Auburn deal with these jokers.
For my money, we win by three TDs, but who knows.


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