Friday, November 4, 2011

Consider 2012 for a moment

Given the slow pace of this week with the expected beat down of New Mexico State, I just wanted to mention the following....

In 2012, Georgia returns 9 of 11 starters on defense including 20 of 22 on the two deep.  We only lose Tyson and Boykin.

On offense, we should return 7 or 8 depending on what Orson Charles decides to do. We lose three long time starters on the offensive line, and we lose Bruce Figgins.  By my count, there's only one other senior (Aron White) on the entire offensive two deep.  That's the most returning talent I can remember.

Losing Butler and Walsh will mean less experience at the specialists positions, but it doesn't necessarily mean a downgrade from FG production that we've seen this year.  Punter will likely drop off, but we've always had good punters.

Additionally, there's a reasonably high probability that the 2012 schedule will weaken.  The rotational assignment for cross division play will change with the addition of Texas A&M and likely Missouri. Even if the SEC goes to nine conference games, the odds are better than average that we will not rotate into Bama or LSU next year.  Swapping Bama (on the road) for Missouri (anywhere in the universe) certainly increases our chances of making the SEC title game.

I would feel much better about our chances of making a big run next year if we see a mammoth Juco OT commit and potentially the move of Artie Lynch to OT.  We just need to shore up the OT position so we're not relying on FR.  Otherwise, I really like the make up of this team going forward.

Hope has returned to the Georgia Sports Blog.


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