Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Georgia Tech Review

One final look at vanquishing our instate rival doin' what we do the weekend after Thanksgiving:

The Good: 
  • Game planning. I'll get to praising the job Grantham and his charges did with the option, but first, you have to give props to Bobo's game plan and adjustments.  It was clear from the first series we wanted to run. It was clear Tech was keying on the run. It was clear that Tech couldn't stop the quick pass and crossing patterns. Bobo took that and nearly made a West Coast offense out of it on the fly.  Very nice.
  • In my 3 Questions, I almost set 225 as the target rushing yards to hold Tech to if we want to win.  They had 243. Grantham's plan of letting Geathers and Jenkins handle the middle, jamming the strong side, and bringing the safety up to protect on the weak side was awesome. The dive was negated and Washington didn't have many chances to give only one defender the opportunity to make a tough choice.
  • That interception by Williams.  Big. Time. Play.
  • Orson Charles showing why he is a Mackey finalist. Even double covered, he found ways to get open.
  • The execution on the TD pass to Aron White. Just a beautifully run play.
  • Zander Ogletree's run...and calling that play at that time. One of the Tech defenders actually tried to shuck him off thinking he was blocking.
  • Garrison Smith.
  • Butler back on his game.
  • Boo Malcome's personal 36 yard, 9 play, 5+ minute manhood robbing drive.
The Bad:
  • Murray still overthrowing the middle deep route. There's a reason we don't call it much.
  • Spiking the ball...and the tictac officials that would throw a flag for that particular spike.

The Ugly:
  • Chop blocks. 
Honestly, I could make the 'good' list longer. Glad 2012 is a leap year.  Extra day to rub it in.


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