Sunday, November 27, 2011

Let the Belittlement Begin (from an Unlikely Source)

This week is going to be a constant belittling of UGA.  LSU is really, really good and no one who doesn't own red pants will believe Georgia can even make it a close game.  The Tigers just beat the #3 ranked team by 24 and have only been challenged once this year despite playing one of the more difficult out-of-conference schedules for an SEC team in recent memory.  We get it.  We're facing an impossible task and are supposed to get embarrassed because we aren't really any good and haven't played anyone.  I expect those stories all week long.  But, does the New York Times have to go so far as to argue that our mascot is a breed of dog so inbred and physically flawed that it can't continue to exist?
Uga is featured prominently, as shown by the article's illustration of a melting dog above. 


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