Monday, November 14, 2011

Auburn Review

After re-watching the game, I agree with Blutarsky, there is too much great stuff to do an article without sounding like a complete sunshine pumper. However, there were a few things that merits mentioning:

  • Aaron Murray. 
  • Kickoff coverage.  It was awesome.  We kicked to them five times.  The longest return Auburn had was 25 yards.  After the past few weeks, that is more than improvement, that is a whole different game.
  • Thomas and Crowell running the ball.  Easily the strongest running performance from Crowell, who took hits to people.  In the second half, no less.
  • The run blocking to make it happen.
  • Coaching.  Especially defensive coaching.  The best in game adjustments we've seen in Athens in many, many years.  Special props to Bobo for varying the run game in the second half to exploit whatever Roof was giving him.
  • Rambo taking the interception, and Auburn's desire to play, to the house.
  • 528 yards to 195 yards. 41 minutes to 19 minutes. 30 first downs to 9 first downs. Damn. 
The only glaring issues I saw were the shanked punt and one of the two fumbles.  The other fumble was the best defensive play Auburn had all night.

Check out Hipple's pictures in PWD's posts.  It is good to see more his work again.  


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