Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The problem with an 8 game SEC schedule

I think it was Tony Barnhart who originally said a year or two ago that a 14 team league playing 8 conference games wasn't really a conference at all. It was two federations with a title game.

By going with a 6-1-1 rotation where we keep the Auburn game alive every year, Georgia would play Alabama twice every 12 years. We'd only get them at home once over that period.

Consider our series with Clemson. In 1987, Georgia stopped playing Clemson on an annual basis. We booked two year deals with them in '90-'91, '94-'95, '02-'03 and '13-14. Let's ignore the future dates for a moment.

From 1988-2011, we faced Clemson six times (3 at home) over a 24 year period. Applying the 14 team, 8 league game model to the past would mean that we would have faced Alabama 4 times during that same period. Only twice at home. Same with LSU.

Rotational Models:
  • 5-2-1: Used by the SEC from '92-'01 while at 12 teams. This model meant your four non-permanent opponents only came to Athens once every 8 years.
  • 5-1-2: Used by the SEC from '02-Today. Your five non-permanent opponents come to Athens once every five years.
  • 6-1-1: Proposed model for a 14 team league playing 8 games. You get the 6 non-permanent opponents at home once every 12 years.
  • 6-1-2: A 14 team model that brings non-permanent opponents to Athens once every six years. Not noticeably different than today.

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