Wednesday, November 2, 2011

On the Suspensions

So, we have some dudes that are suspended.  That isn't extraordinary.  That it is three running backs is.  That is also life, except when it isn't life at nearly half of schools in DI (h/t Blutarsky).  That number includes at least 10 other members of the SEC (including Texas A&M) and Georgia Tech.  In case it gets posted to the SEC website again today, Mizzu also doesn't penalize for the first test.

I honestly have no idea if the test results were known before the Florida game.  It is hard for me to believe they were considering the line Coach Richt has consistently taken on player suspensions.  It is a disingenuous, at best, for any fan of any school that has a more lax policy to be outraged at any actions of a school that has a tougher policy. There is no moral high ground when you are not on moral high ground. Furthermore, if failed drug tests are what led to the suspensions, it also illustrates the lengths Georgia drug testing policy goes to, testing at least three of the four scholarship RBs in a RB focused offense.  Of course, all of this is circumstantial, and therefore based on my suppositions.   

Finally, I admit I am a Georgia homer.  Hell, the name of the blog should indicate that. I also can admit when I am wrong. It would, frankly, shock me if I am. I wish others, especially those that write for less subjective outlets, would be, you know, less subjective.

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