Friday, November 18, 2011

3 Questions: Kentucky

Enough talk.  Now some getting on the bus action:
  1. Will the Dawgs avoid the seemingly endless mistakes against Kentucky?  I know, I know. This is just a 'let down' question in disguise. Maybe I can't let 08 and 09 go.  Maybe I worry about giving a them an Ole Miss like chance because of our confidence.  Maybe I just threw up because I imagined them scoring 4 TDs on wheel routes.  When did I become Kyle King?
  2. Can we get better? Ok, let's assume I have gotten in the mindset that we will win. Will we improve where we need to? In no particular order: placekicking, run blocking, kickoff coverage, punt coverage, punt returns, punting, long pass timing, and run blocking.
  3. Can we get to the 4th Quarter and coast on the running game? It won't be nearly as sweet as doing it against Auburn.  It would be just as nice to be able to do so.
Get on the bus.  Just win baby.

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