Monday, October 10, 2011

3 Questions Answered: Tennessee

I had questions.  Now I have answers.

  1. Will we slow down their passing offense enough? Yes.  We held Bray to a season low in passing yards.  He only had one game with fewer than the 18 completions, and he only threw 24 times in that game (compared to the 33 times he threw Saturday).  Rogers had a couple of big catches on their one TD drive, but was largely silent, especially in the first half.  We didn't him him as much as I thought we would need to, but we kept his rhythm off enough to make it a long night.
  2. Can we score enough points to win? Wow.  If you'd told me we'd win with 20, I'd have counted on rain or something else.  Give Tennessee credit.  They played really strong defense in the first half.  We only had the ball three times in the first half.  The Vols bowed up when they needed to.  I have to give Bobo credit with the play calling in the second half.  He kept going to the long ball because it was open, and despite Murray consistently missing those open guys.  He mixed run and pass very well on both TD drives.  
  3. Which team will make the biggest special teams screw up? It ended up not mattering.  We blocked an extra point that would have made it interesting.  They missed a FG early, but I don't think that mattered either.
Hey, a road win in Knoxville is a road win in Knoxville.  Our defense held Tennessee to -20 yards rushing.  Taking sacks and tackles for losses out they still only had 41 yards rushing.  I'll take that all year.

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