Thursday, October 27, 2011

3 Questions: Florida

This is a bit speculative, since I am writing it nearly a week early (due to being on a cruise during the whole week of Georgia-Florida).

  1. Will decided schematic advantage matter?  Ignoring all evidence to the contrary, I don't believe in the Jacksonville curse.  I do believe Florida has consistently showed up more ready to play for the past 20 years.  Now, we come into a game where we have been doing a good job preparing and look to be a better team than Florida. Will that matter? We have to be able to run the ball, which is the Florida defense's 'weakness.'  Do that and we will be ok.
  2. Can Aaron live down last year?  The 2010 Florida game was his worst.  Can he come out and play sound offense, deliver the ball well, and make good decisions?  
  3. Will the defense handle the running game well?  Vandy has me nervous. Up until then, I'd have been very content with our game preparation and take our chances with Rainey, Demps, and Burton.  Now, I think it remains to be seen if we can correct the issues we have with misdirection and delay hand offs.  I feel good about slowing down Florida's pass offense, which you have to figure they will still try to establish.  I feel decidedly less so about playing soundly against their potent rushing threats.  Despite what we have seen the past few weeks from Florida, they aren't nearly as bad as they have looked.

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