Friday, October 28, 2011

CBZ Round Table on Georgia Florida

Kevin asks, I answer:

In what area do you see Georgia as having a specific advantage over the Gators? Passing offense vs passing defense.  The Gators have really struggled with Brantley out.  They weren't exactly world beaters, passing wise, with him in.  Murray has had his issues, but he is quite good when he is given a few seconds to make his reads.  I expect the Gators to come after him.  I also expect us to be able to exploit that with the TEs, RBs and quick routes like last week against Vandy.  Tyler Bray did a good job until Tennessee's lack of running game allowed the Gators to sit back and dare them to pass without Justin Hunter in the game.  We have more competent receivers than Tennessee and more plays designed to leverage that.

In what area do you see Georgia as being at a specific dis-advantage to the Gators? Individual big play threats on offense.  Hey, we've got very good play makers, especially Mitchell.  He will be individually as good as Rainey or Demps in a year.  At any given time, on any given play, at any given spot on the field, either of those guys can hurt you running or catching the ball.  We don't have that.

Give us one Georgia player that needs to play his best game of the season for Georgia to win this ball game (and why). Murray. The smart money would be on someone on defense, but I feel ok about them.  If Murray gets rolling, completes 60% of his passes and has one int. or less, I feel very good about our chances.  If he tops 325 yards, completes 65% of his passes, has 3+TDs/0ints and throws around 30 times, we win big.

Many thanks to Kevin at College Football Zealots for putting this together.


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