Friday, October 14, 2011

Half Way Home - Mid-Season College Football Review

I'll take a look at Georgia later this week or early next week, but I wanted to look around the college football landscape and see what has surprised me.
  • Expansion. Well, I'm not surprised, but it has been a story.  I've thought for a while TCU was headed some place other than football hell the Big East.  I guess Missouri's handling of trying to get out of the Big12 is a bit of a surprise.
  • Southern Cal's lack of defense.  I think Arizona State's improved play has everyone not in Tempe scratching their heads.  On the other hand, Monte Kiffin has looked like Monte Hall coaching this bunch.  
  • Hot seat talk about Dooley.  Hey, I'm not taking up for the guy.  I hate orange as much as the next guy.  However, any Tennessee fan that thinks fter 18 games, six of which are being played with essentially an all-star high school team, that Dooley isn't getting it done is an idiot.  He might not be the long term answer, but clamoring for a new coach now gets you a Mike Locksley type hire.  Not an improvement.
  • Oklahoma State's offense. Dude. They look like UNLV basketball in the 80's.
  • Texas A&M's first half play.  Wow, they are among the best teams out of the gates I have seen in a long time.
  • Texas A&M's second half play.  Wow, they suck.
  • Wisconsin's march through the B1G.  The Badgers called the Houston Nutt QB Transfer Clearinghouse and ended up with Russell Wilson from NCState.   Dude is 83 of 111 for 1391 yards and 13 TDs.  The Badgers have the easiest road to the BCS championship game at this point, with only road games against Michigan State and (snicker) Illinois between them and a rematch with Nebraska at Lucas Oil Stadium for the B1G championship.  Oh, and their defense is the tits.
  • Decided schematic advantages.
  • Georgia Tech throwing the football. Paul Johnson hates that newfangled shit, but it sure works.
  • Clemson at 6-0. Wins over Auburn, Florida State, and Virginia Tech? A coach named Dabo? Nah, no worries, man. Just living the upstate dream.
  • Auburn's defense.  They've made amends a bit with their strong performance against South Carolina, but they won early on mirrors and camera angles. Ted Roof has looked every bit the former head coach at Duke with the way his unit has tackled.
What about the season to this point has surprised you?

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