Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Which is it?

Is it "we should never lose to Mississippi State and Ole Miss" OR is it "the wins are only Ole Miss and Mississippi State"?

Say what you will (and you are), but while you are busy finding reasons to not be happy, we know our defense is substantially better than the last few seasons.  Hey, hate Richt/Bobo/McGarity/Grantham/JT3/Kasay all you want.  Be honest about the place we are in.  Not recognizing the improvement is being as intellectually dishonest as the inveterate homers that want Richt regardless of 13-0 or 0-12.  

At the same point last year, we had lost to Colorado (who only had beaten two meh teams).  We had lost to Arkansas (who had only beaten FCS and Sunbelt teams, as well as a pedestrian, to that point, A&M and lost to Alabama).  We had lost to South Carolina (who had wins over Furman, Southern Miss, Alabama and a loss to Auburn).  The difference was we weren't competent doing anything other than punting and kicking field goals.

I'll grant we have much more to go before we'll come close to calling this thing turned around.  Three years of mediocre and worse isn't solved in four games.  I recognize we are trending in the right direction and with the defense we have, that will likely continue.


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