Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Stand by Your Man

Putting aside Clay Travis' histrionics interesting take (go find your own link) over what Coach Richt 'might have said' during the exchange, I do have a bone to pick with Richt.  Dude.  Stand by your man.

Hey, I get you are trying to diffuse a situation.  I get that Franklin is Jim Schwartz a whiny titttybaby for getting so up in arms over anyone saying anything after all of the shenanigans his team pulled during the game.  I also get you need to man up and apologize for things getting out of control.  I am sure commiserating with the crying child is not the right way to go.

Not the best moment for Coach.


Ok, I've had an hour to mull over the video (and to watch it again several times).  After doing so, I have calmed down and also removed the hittroll's link above.  If you want to read Clay Travis, you can find it on your own.

As for my further thoughts, my problem with Richt remains his giving Franklin a passie to calm him down.  Thinking about the heat of the moment, Richt was just trying to get off the field when Franklin starts his soliloquy on respect.  He just said whatever to get him to quiet down.  The harsh 20/20 of hindsight says he should have smiled, said nice game, sorry about the confrontation...or 'WHAT IS YOUR DEAL?!?'...either would have been fine...and gotten his team to the locker room.

I'm still not happy about the comment, but I believe Richt wasn't intentionally taking Franklin's side over Grantham's.  No way he could have since he could have had any of the facts outside of the few that are sprinkled into JFrankies fit.

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