Sunday, October 16, 2011

3 Questions Answered: Vandy

After the finish in Nashville last night, I'm sure I'll screw this up somehow...
  1. Will Georgia be up for the game? No.  Not sure why Crowell is out, but if you want to blame Coach Richt, well, just blame him. The defense looked stout at time and less so at times.  The offense, without the more open running with Crowell, and more missed opportunities in the passing game, looked pedestrianer than normal. I was worried this would be the case, and it was.
  2. Will we see a more open playbook in the second half if we have a 2+ score lead? See above.
  3. Can the defense keep up the intensity? At times, yes.  At other, more important times, no.  Much will be made about Grantham's actions, probably rightfully.  However, if Coach Franklin made comments to a Georgia player about their play, especially after the entire game of uncalled chop blocks and such, well, I fully support him.  As for his unit, I would sure hate to have to wait two weeks to get Grantham off my back, because the next two weeks will not be hugs and cuddles.
I am relieved we won.  I think we've all expected a game like this, one were we don't play very well again. We won on the road.  Move on.  I guess.

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