Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tennessee Road Game

The hardest part about going to an away game is figuring out what your tailgate plans are.  Knoxville is a relatively easy three hour drive from Atlanta, four hour drive from Athens, and 25 years from both places.  Last I checked, there were some hotels a relatively short drive from Knoxvegas, keeping in mind that getting out of downtown there is like leaving Atlanta, but no mass transit, only one interstate and more donkey carts. 

Getting in shouldn't be that big of a deal with a 7pm kickoff.  There are some open tailgate options, with the best one I've seen being the Hedges2Hardwood's soire.  Contact them for more info.  They promise coozies. UGA's official spot will probably be the Knoxville Marriott.  It is also my experience that if you can get past the nasty orange, Tennessee fans are always happy to share their hooch. 

I mean moonshine.  Not their lady companions.  Gotta keep it in the family.


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