Sunday, October 9, 2011

Quick Tennessee Thoughts

I'm on the road for the weekend, so it'll be this evening before I have more.  Here are my very quick Sunday morning impressions:
* Very happy to see us keep the play calling organic, especially on the final TD drive. I told the people I was with to watch out for us to be content to let the D win it once we got the TD. Very happy to be wrong.
*I applaud the line getting a whole game's worth of holding penalties out of the way on one drive.
*Bray is very good. He stays in the pocket, makes good decisions and is a strong leader.
*Crowell showing up and playing strong hurt was huge. The second TD call with him was awesome playcalling. We'd been running to the left to protect that arm. Going right was genius.
*Quite a good defense we have.
*It was good to see us stop someone with the game on the line. If there is any indication that this isn't last year's D, bowing up and keeping them from doing anything on the game ending drive is it.

More this evening. Congrats to Coach Richt on number 100.  DGD. 


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