Monday, October 31, 2011

Random Thoughts on the Cocktail Party

Watching our special teams play was like watching a teenage cutter holding a box of Wusthofs. It was sad and gross to watch, yet the plot line would make a pretty decent Lifetime Movie with Meredith Baxter playing the role of Coach Richt. It was enough to make me miss Jon Fabris...a little.

But we won. And that's all that matters. After 17 trips to Jacksonville, I can tell you I've seen us play way smarter and lose.

And why did we win? Because the defense, which was a rolling shipment of fail last year, simply got dramatically better. The result -- If you have a few minutes to enjoy a cold beer and warm schadenfreude, read these Gator recaps from Orson Swindle and Run Home Jack over at EDSBS:
"You could give Charlie Weis a Garmin, fifteen Sherpas, a moving walkway made up of arrows saying "MARZIPAN FACTORY THIS WAY FREE SAMPLES" and the ball on the eight yard line and that piece of shit still couldn't find the end zone." - RHJ

"But don't say this is all necessary. It's not. Meyer's struggles in his first year got him to nine wins. [NAME REDACTED] learned and unlearned basic arithmetic on the job and still won seven games. This team will lose to Vanderbilt. This team will lose to South Carolina. This team will lose to Florida State, and they will miss a bowl game for the first time since the pre-Spurrier era. That is not good coaching. That's failure, and boring, depressing failure at that. At least fight James Franklin at the fifty when you're done losing to Vandy, Will, and thus give us something to cheer about." - OS
Honestly, I don't expect Weis to be back in Gainesville next year. Muschamp really can't fire the guy, but Weis has the career competence to look around and see that his QB situation isn't going to get much better (he's sampled the goods already). This is just a bad fit. The bad news...the Gators will be better off without him.

However, without Charlie's offensive reputation, there's the cold reality that the Gators' head coach is just a loudmouth ex-UGA player who is now 0-5 in Jacksonville.

And by the way ... going for it on 4th and 19 is an absolutely, positively stupid call. It doesn't matter that it worked. It's still such a galactically stupid call as to bring your entire thought process into question. Assuming there was a thought process to begin with.

See Also:
-- "If Weis is a Genius, then Addazzio was a Mastermind." - Orlando Sentinel


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