Tuesday, October 11, 2011

SEC Bowl Projections

As we've hit the half way point of the season, here are some thoughts on SEC and BCS bowl projections.

National Title: Alabama vs. Oklahoma
Rose: Wisconsin vs. Stanford
Fiesta: Oklahoma State vs. Michigan/Nebraska
Sugar: LSU vs. Boise State
Orange: Georgia Tech vs. West Virginia

Comments: I have Bama over LSU simply by virtue of the home field advantage on Nov. 5th. I have Georgia Tech winning the ACC because they are tough to defend with only a week to prepare, and the weak ACC is begging them to win it.  Although, GT could slip out of that spot if Virgina Tech beats them.  Remember, VT has a bye week before facing the Yellow Jackets, and Paul Johnson's track record when a BCS team has more than 7 days to prepare can generously be described as "poor."  If the winner of Nebraska at Michigan has two losses or less, they'll get the Fiesta Bowl at large spot. A Big 12 flashback of OkSU and Nebraska would make great TV.

CapitalOne: Arkansas vs. Michigan/Nebraska
Outback: UGA vs. Penn State
Cotton: Auburn vs. Texas A&M
Chick-Fil-A: South Carolina vs. Virgina Tech
Gator: Florida vs. Michigan State
Music City:  Tennessee vs. Florida State
Liberty: Mississippi State vs. Houston
The Bowl in B'ham Nobody Watches: No SEC Team Eligible

Comments: In my projection, I have Georgia beating UF or AU, but not both. I have South Carolina making the SEC title game, but losing to Arkansas, Clemson and Alabama which might knock them down a slot in the bowl pecking order.  I think Tennessee and Miss State will both end up bowl eligible.  Vandy would need to beat Georgia, Tennessee or Wake Forest to have a shot at bowl eligibility.  That's not impossible, but it's not likely either.  As for Texas A&M in the Cotton Bowl...I just don't have the stomach for putting Kansas State in that spot.


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