Sunday, October 16, 2011

Venerate or Denigrate? My Thoughts on Grantham

Wait, let me title this 'My thoughts on Franklin.'  Lost in all of this, due to the choke sign last year, is that Franklin is way more than complicit in what happened.  As what happened in the game, the second guy is the one that always gets caught.  His condescending statements about the situation merely show that:
“We just had a tough, emotional game and some things were said that I didn’t think were appropriate. I went to find Coach Richt and didn’t find him, so I found one of his assistant coaches and it didn’t go well. We’re not going to sit back and take it from anyone.”
Now, I'm not going to say Grantham is blameless here.  Clearly he has a temper and that temper got the best of him.  But is Grantham supposed to 'take it' when the other guy gives it out?  If the story that Franklin was chastising a Georgia player on the field is true, then the whole situation sits on Franklin's shoulders.  That is a way bigger issue than the choke sign last year.

Of course, there are people willing to lay all the blame on Grantham for everything due to something he did a year ago without even worrying about how it went down, or why.  Grantham is a very passionate coach.  We need that.  From my seat, Grantham didn't do anything other than stand up for his guys.  We, as Georgia fans, deserve whatever we get if we are willing to cast him aside for that.

If I am proven wrong, I'll say so.  Until then, I believe there were at least two men involved that could have handled their business differently.  Regretfully, only one is getting the blame.


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